Alison Ritchie RMTAlison has been fascinated with the human body for as long as she can remember. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-psychology and she continues to get excited whenever she learns something new about the human body (which is constantly!). This fascination and drive to continue learning led her to pursue a career in Massage Therapy – a career she feels very passionately about. She loves the idea of facilitating healing by use of only her hands and her knowledge. She believes in working to give the body the movement and balance it needs to heal itself. To find that balance she manipulates muscles, bones, nervous and visceral systems, craniosacral fluid and the fascia that surrounds and affects every part of the body.

Alison graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in September 2008 and completed her board exams in October 2008, receiving exceptional performance status. Since graduation she completed a two year course in biodynamic myofascial mobilization. She is now currently pursuing continuing education through the Canadian College of Osteopathy – working toward her D.O.M.P. (Diploma of Osteopathy, Manual Practice). She was also a member of the Massage Therapy team for a research project through the University of British Columbia – Massage Therapy and Labour Outcomes, A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Alison comes from an athletic background and still spends most of her free time running, bicycle touring or doing yoga. Her life is a constant pursuit for balance, health and happiness and she wishes the same for her patients.